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§1 Technical information on constructing an incinerator, energy use and chlorinating and treating water in the
developing world.
 The experience and information is from projects in Sri Lanka, Brazil and DRC 2002 – 2004.
1. Combined electricity supply by solar power and generator  
•  Designing the system, system sizing and site selection.
•  Equipment purchase and installation.
•  Problems, hazards and maintenance.
2. Sources of drinking water.
•  How to chlorinate drinking water using a pool tester.
•  Filtration.
3. Waste disposal
•  A practical guide to building a De Montfort medical waste Incinerator.
•  Grey water and sewage disposal.
•  Sharps disposal.
4. Communications
•  VHF communications.
•  HF communications.

§2 Theoretical work on cooling buildings in hot climates 2005/06.
•  Building cooling in arid climates and a cost comparison of using different energy sources for cooling.


§3 Watsan and energy projects in Angola 2007

•  Introduction to Watsan and energy for Xa-Muteba hospital and health posts in Angola March/April/May 2007

•  New type of Incinerator construction in the health posts at Domingos Vaz and Samba.
•  DC solar lighting for Maternity and emergency.


§4 Watsan and energy projects in Darfur 2008/09

•  A guide to fixing hand-pumps (PDF) in English and Arabic

•  Projects in Seleia, Juruf and Arafa. Darfur 2008/09.


§5 Renewable energy projects: Angola (2007), Darfur (2009) and Chad (2010). 

• A guide to installing solar systems in the field (Arabic, pdf).


§6 Komposting faeces in Chad (article in Kompost forum Switzerland). German, pdf


§7 Environment, IDPs, migrants and refugees in dry-land Africa. 2010–2013. Experiences from work in: Unity State and Northern Bahr el Ghazal - South Sudan, Eastern Chad, Ethiopian Somaliland and Tunisia

·       Introduction

·       Section 1. Pressures on the environment in the Sahel.

·       Section 2. The problems of re-forestry.

·       Section 4. Alternative Sources of energy to wood fuel.

·       Section 5. Water and sanitation.

·       Section 6. Shelter  


§8 Currently being prepared recent work in

Philippines (Logistics – emergency shelter 2013)

South Sudan RRM (Logistics - emergency material 2014)

Liberia (Project Management - IPC program including local production of

Alcohol Based Hand Sanitiser 2014-2015)


Photos. Clockwise 

Fuel Efficient Stove, Unity State South Sudan

Hand pump repair, West Darfur, Sudan

Experimental Biogas Digester, Eastern Chad

Migrant queue, Choucha camp Tunisia

Solar water pump, Unity State, South Sudan

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